Sir! No Sir! World Premiere
In the 1960s, there was a massive anti-war movement going on...within the armed services.  Entire units were refusing to go into battle.  This incredible documentary is told by the veterans themselves.  One of the most interesting interviews is when a college professor says he couldn’t find one documented incident of returning GIs being spat upon by anti-war activists. It’s an urban myth -- disinformation fabricated by war hawks that spread like napalm. Imagine that.  Find out where the documentary is playing and don’t miss the Flash “Punk Ass Crusade” here .
Thursday, April 6, 2006
Speakers included director David Zeiger (signing posters, above), Gulf War conscientious objector Aimee Allison (left) and Vietnam vets from the movie (below).
Sir! No Sir! premiered in the Bay Area at Oakland’s Grand Lake Theater on April 6th and San Francisco’s Red Vic on April 7th.